Transportation - Children exiting Bus


The Clark County School District provides transportation for general education students who reside two or more miles from their zoned school. Exceptions may apply for students with disabilities and/or medical needs.

Parents/Guardians can obtain information on transportation by visiting the Transportation website at, including verifying transportation eligibility for their child(ren) and accessing bus stop information. Information can be accessed by scrolling down the page and clicking on “Check your child’s eligibility.” Bus stop locations for students attending a Magnet School are at designated, centralized locations throughout the District. Information can also be obtained by downloading the Onboard bus tracking app, accessing Campus Parent approximately four weeks prior to the start of each school year, or calling 702-799-8100. Information regarding Onboard can also be found on the Transportation website.

In accordance with District Regulation 3531: “The ultimate responsibility of safe student passage to and from school/pickup points rests with the parent or legal guardian.”

For information pertaining to transportation for students with disabilities, visit the Transportation for Students with Disabilities section in the Back to School Legal Notices website.

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