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School Choice - Children with Computers


The Clark County School District knows students enjoy school and achieve more when they attend the school of their choice. It’s Your Choice highlights the many school choice options available within the Clark County School District, including award-winning Magnet programs, Career and Technical Academies (CTAs), dual enrollment opportunities, the Central Technical Training Academy, and digital learning options including the Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD.

Magnet schools offer learning opportunities related to over 100 themes for interested students. Students from across the District may apply to a magnet program, regardless of the region in which they reside. A trusted choice for more than 30 years, Magnet schools provide enhanced educational opportunities, nurture and develop student talents, and create an awareness of career pathways relative to the fields of study in which students may be interested. Families may apply each fall to a magnet program. The deadline is the second Tuesday of every January. Visit CCSD Magnet Schools.

Central Technical Training Academy is a non-traditional high school focusing on career pathway training through CTE coursework, credentialing, and work-based learning opportunities. Central Technical Training Academy accepts students entering Grade 11 and they may apply to one or both of the following CTE programs of study: Construction Technology and Advanced Manufacturing. Both programs include opportunities for students to earn industry-recognized credentials, embed business and entrepreneurial skills, and require students to participate in work-based learning through internships or other work experience. In addition to CTE program classes, students will also take courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements. Central Technical Training Academy students benefit from flexible scheduling which incorporates distance learning, hybrid, and in-person options. For more information, visit Central Technical Training Academy.

The Change of School Assignment (COSA) process allows for families to choose to attend a school other than the school in which they are zoned as outlined in Policy and Regulation 5112. Schools that are eligible for this process are determined annually as it relates to their available capacity. Schools that are over capacity are not eligible for this process. Families may apply each fall for a COSA. The deadline is the second Tuesday of every January. To learn more about this process, visit It’s Your Choice.

Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD (NVLA) is an online public school offering courses for grades K-12. NVLA teachers provide three days of live, whole-group instruction and two days a week of live, small-group instruction; all instruction is 100% online. NVLA provides personalized and rigorous learning opportunities to students who want an alternative educational environment. Students can enroll full-time or take one or two classes part-time. Part-time enrollment is completed through a student’s home school counselor. Classes are available in Advanced Placement, Career Pathways, and Dual Enrollment. To learn more or to begin the registration process for full-time enrollment, visit Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD.

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